Lick the Star (1998) - A Bold and Creative Debut Film from Sofia Coppola


Experience the Unique Vision of a Young Director

Lick the Star (1998) is the first film directed by Sofia Coppola, known for her award-winning works such as Lost in Translation and The Virgin Suicides. This short film showcases Coppola's talent and unique vision as a young director, exploring themes of teenage angst, rebellion, and the dark side of adolescence.

The film follows a group of teenage girls who plot revenge against their male classmates by poisoning them with a drug called "lick the star." Through Coppola's lens, we see a raw and unfiltered depiction of teenage life, complete with all its complexities and contradictions.

Coppola uses surreal imagery, unconventional camera angles, and a haunting score to create a dreamlike atmosphere that draws you into the story.

The film also features strong performances from its young cast, including Christina Turley as the rebellious leader of the group, and Audrey Kelly as the sensitive protagonist struggling to fit in.

Lick the Star is an impressive debut film from Sofia Coppola, demonstrating her potential as a talented and visionary director. You can experience this unique and captivating film on, where you can discover a wealth of independent films and classics from around the world.



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