Trailer for Russian Cyberpunk Anime - Cyberslav


Slavic folklore meets cyberpunk!

The Russian animation company Evil Pirate Studio has released the first trailer for its new film, “Cyberslav.”

Typical Slavic town is being assaulted by clawed beasts with flamethrowers in place of their months. Liberators are the trio of warriors, a female archer with a blade prosthetic leg, a monk firing glowing projectiles from a giant Celtic cross and a Viking covered by metal plates. This is amazing Russian anime.

Peasant Spirit

The release date for “Cyberslav” is still unknown, but Evil Pirate Studio promises a feature-length movie.

produced by Stanislav Dmitriev
animation by: Ilya Matveev, Ivan Petrov, Vladimir Berg
sound design by PapaCarlo Production
music by Oligarkh x Volkovich Viktor

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