Obsolete (2019)


YouTube original anime series!

Aliens first make their appearance on earth in 2014, searching for limestone. They trade highly efficient, multipurpose mechs that serve as extensions of the human psyche and will for the raw material. The machines are dubbed Exo-frames. For such an advanced technology to only come at the price of limestone, exo-frames become easily accessible and widespread, as well as their impact.

Episode list:

"Episode 1: OUTCAST"
"Episode 2: BOWMAN"
"Episode 3: MIYAJIMA REI"
"Episode 4: LOEWNER"
"Episode 5: SOLDIER BRAT"
"Episode 6: JAMAL"
"Episode 7 RESHEP"
"Episode 8 AREA 51"
"Episode 9 CARHUINCHO"
"Episode 10 SANTA MUERTE"
"Episode 11 FREYJA"
"Episode 12 Konoka Kokonoha"

Hiroki Yamada: Director
Seiichi Shirato: Director
BUEMON studio: Animation Production

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