Wu Tang vs. Ninja (1987) – Amazing fun with the sheer amount of fights FULL MOVIE

Set in Ming dynasty in 1689, Abbot White, (Jack Lung.) a Wudang priest who makes a play to rule the martial world after suffering a humiliating defeat at the hands of a student of Shaolin (Chang Shan).

For fans of martial arts films, Wu Tang vs. Ninja (1987) is satisfying on a number of levels. It’s tone is set right from the start, fast paced and relentless. Abbott White, the evil Wu Tang priest is bent on destroying the shaolin temple and he’s developped a special kung fu style to help him do it! Alot of great films of this era were filled with over the top comedy and sadly this film is no exception. somehow i feel if the bad jokes and potty humour were left out of this film it could have been a classic.

Aside from that, if there was an award for the most fights in a single kung fu film, Wu Tang vs. Ninja (1987) would take the cake. There is a constant spat going on between the many characters in the film and believe me, this one has them all! Shaolin, Ninjas, Wu Tang, Flying Nuns and on top of all the great fight scenes, there’s also several extensive training sequences with all the characters!

Directed by Kuo-Ren Wu
Stars: Jack Long, Tien-Chi Cheng, Chi Ping Chang and Alexander Lo
Production Co: ECM Productions

Also known as:
(original title) Ren zhe da jue dou – Shaolin Hero
Spain El cazador ninja
France Le chasseur de ninja
Hong Kong (English title) Ninja Hunter
Hong Kong (Cantonese title) Yan je dai kuet dau
Hungary Nindzsa vadász
USA Wu Tang vs. Ninja


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