Wang Yu, King of Boxers (1973)

US cinema title: The Screaming Tiger
GB cinema title: Ten Fingers of Steel
US DVD Title: Screaming Ninja
German title: Wang Yu – Starker Als 1000 Kamikaze
Country: Hong Kong
Genre: Martial Arts

Kim Lung (1)

Hoh Ho

Action Directors
Wong Fei-Lung
Poon Chuen-Ling

Si Chiu-Yam
Chiang Wen-Pin

Jimmy Wang Yu … Ma Tai Yung
Cheung Ching-Ching … Ying Chu
Lung Fei … Ying Wu
Liu Ping (1) … Korean hero in black hat
Chi Lan … Ying Chu’s sister
Shan Mao … Japanese with daggers
Got Siu-Bo … Sumo wrestler
Ma Kei (1) … Noble senior samurai
Cheng Fu-Hung … Sumo wrestler
Hong Hoi (2) … Noble young samurai
Wong Fei-Lung … Falls from cliff
Sit Hon … Leading karate fighter
Lui Ming (1) … Ma’s father
Ng Tung-Kiu … Japanese judo fighter
Law Bun … Hitler moustache
Wang Tai-Lang
Koo Kwan … Wastebasket on head
Chui Lap (3)
Hung Gam-Lin … Ma’s sister
Chang I-Fei
Tsai Hung … Japanese thug
Seung-Goon Leung
Ngai Chiu-Shui
Lam Hon (2)
Hau Pak-Wai … [Extra]
Chow Jun … [Extra]

Production Company
Ching Hua Film Co. Ltd.

Liao Wan-Wen

Production Manager
Wu An

Art Director
Chan Hau-Kwai (1)

Wong Bit-Yan

Assistant Director
Lau So-Wa

Tong Leung


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