The Vampire Raiders (1988)

Well, brace yourselves for here he serves up a unique recipe of cross eyed hopping vampires, a pair of machete and axe wielding navel zombies, a feisty, foxy lady ninja who loves nothing more than a spot of relaxing sunbathing (cue some lovely, lingering shots of her semi nude and oiling herself down…..Mmmmmm!), some eaves dropping hotel switchboard receptionists, a man peeing into a bucket (and subsequently attempting to utilise said urine in zombie combat!) and finally and best of all, an old man crushed to death by the carcass of a pig hurled over the top of a building!!!

Director: Godfrey Ho (as Bruce Lambert)
Writer: Godfrey Ho (as Antonin Gasner)
Stars: Martin Dukes, Walter Jackson, Chris Peterson


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