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North Korea Documentary 2016: BBC North Korea Documentary [Full & HD]

North Korea, abbreviated shipbuilding (朝鮮) is a country located in the northern part of the Korean Peninsula in East Asia is also Pyongyang. In May 12, 1972 and May 27, fears the Constitution of North Korea in Seoul, the nominal capital was officially changed to Pyongyang. North Korea and the south, the north is in contact with the People’s Republic of China and Russia. The official language is Korean, munhwaeo based on the belief that the northwestern dialects as Mandarin.

After the 1945 World War II, Korea has conducted two military custody Soviet region north of the 38th parallel north as the border, to establish the extraordinary People’s Committee of North Korea in February 1946 laid the foundation of the nation. In 1948, two years later, from which Kim Il-sung won the general elections on the basis of the Korean Peninsula, Pak Hon-yong, such as Deputy Prime Minister by the Hong Myong-hui was launched in on September 9, 1948 is officially the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

Although the Workers ‘Party of Korea, Chondoist Chongu Party, the Korean Social Democratic Party multi-party system on the format, in fact, said system per one of the Workers’ Party of Korea, in particular, the son of President Hu Jintao Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong Il, and grandson said dynastic Kim and the ruling is the son of Kim Jong-il Kim Jong-un turn of Kim Il Sung C. naesewooneun current political ideology Juche idea and the Songun politics (先 軍 政治 · the leading political groups). Juche Idea were the first to emerge from the 1972 Constitution of the Socialist amendments, constitutional amendments April 1992 when the Marxist-Leninist as delete and laid in its place an independent socialist system. When in 1998 the Socialist Constitution amended by deleting all the communist phrases and to significantly strengthen the authority of Jong Jong Il had stated that its SIL won Ja. 4 June 2013, the Constitution or the parent norms of ‘the party’s only thoughts than the Labour Code “as amended in just 39 years’ ten principles of establishment was renamed to the 10 principles of the party’s only enemy leadership establishment, completely delete the socialist, communist relevant information and was replaced by the Juche idea.

As the leader Kim Jong Il sudden death, Kim Jong-un was, in fact the ruling Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. And about four amended April 13, 2012, the Constitutional months later, while the military abolished the chairman and the official launch of the Kim Jong Eun system to the new first chairman of the National Defence Commission. This idea was first formulated a modern muscle and the three powers of the Republic leadership succession. And the same day, but the bright stars 3 hoeul fired but failed due to technical problems.

People’s Assembly of the Democratic People’s Republic of China on July 18, 2012 decided to grant a higher step 2 on the existing colorectal class enemies title to Kim Jong-un the first chairman of the National Defence Commission and Supreme Commander of the Korean People’s Army. Enemies title has already been granted to only one directly below the rank of generalissimo of Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong Il’s death, had only two Previously, Ri Ul-sol. The enemy is right below the rank order are known, including a total of eight Master Ri Yong Ho sacked positions.

On December 12, it succeeded in launching the Galaxy No. 3 in the Democratic People’s Republic of China. There is a problem with the rocket were disassembled for maintenance disguised as a surprise and was launched to raise the loaded satellites orbit the galaxy No. 3 on success. However, the satellite did not function properly and the universe virtually lost status due to the rocket launch was condemned in many countries, including the United States.

Richter scale in North Hamgyong road lord on February 12, 2013 4.9 (US Geological Survey 5.1 on the Richter scale) was a nuclear test. The incident has been condemned in many countries now.

The same year in March, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea announced that it would dispose of the North-South non-aggression agreement. The DPRK also has threatened that in the standby state while the various missile equipped with a nuclear warhead in 1991 inter-Korean non-aggression agreement disposal and Panmunjom declared the Civil direct dial telephone disconnected.

4 Ryu Gil Jae Unification Minister, Republic of Korea May 26, had decided to withdraw for the remaining personnel in the Kaesong Industrial Complex. Thus was 126 people evacuated were staying in 27 days.

December 3, Kim Jong-un was ousted regime have carried out a political purge to my second factor was the uncle Jang Sung Taek. After 12 days, he was sentenced to death and executed summarily to remove Jang Sung Taek. However, the disposal of the aunt Kim Kyung Hee has not yet appeared clearly.


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