The One-Armed Swordsmen (1976)

Alias: One Armed Swordsmen
on-screen title: One Arm Swordsmen
Working Title: Two Single Armed Heroes
Country: Taiwan

Jimmy Wang Yu
David Chiang Da-Wei

Ku Long

Action Director
Han Ying-Chieh

Wong Fung (1)

Jimmy Wang Yu … Fong Ping
David Chiang Da-Wei … Li Hao
Lo Lieh … Master Wan, the Fox
Chang Yi … Chin Chu Ying
Liu Meng-Yan … Girl who yells for help
Viola Ku Yin … Lady in restaurant
Lung Fei … Monk
Hung Lau … One-armed monk
Hung Fa-Long … Abbot
Yeh Hsiao-Yee … Chin’s young student
Yu Chung-Chiu … Monk
Han Ying-Chieh … Long faced fighter [uncred]
Wong Wing-Sang … Fake mourner [uncredited]
Cheung Yee-Kwai … Fake mourner [uncredited]
Chin Lung (1) … Fake mourner [uncredited]
Cho Boon-Feng … Fake mourner / Guard monk
Got Siu-Bo … Waiter [uncredited]
Tsang Ming-Cheong … Fake mourner [uncredited]
Ng Ho (1) … Monk
Chi Fu-Chiang … [Extra]
Sit Cheung-Man … [Extra]
Chen Chin-Hai … [Extra]
Lee Keung (1) … [Extra]
Blacky Ko Sau-Leung … [Extra]

Production Manager
Wong Fung (3)

Kwok Ting-Hung

Assistant Director
Chester Wong Chung-Gwong

Ku Long

Assistant Action Director
Dick Wei

Stanley Chow Fook-Leung


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