The Ninja Showdown (1987)

A ruthless gang of Ninja marauders, a kidnapped maiden and a young man seeking vengeance set the stage for “The Ninja Showdown.” Warlord boss Jing and his evil band of Purple Ninjas are unstoppable-hihgly trained assassins who ravage a peaceful town. But when the outlaw Ninjas abduct his girl, a wrathful Tony unleashes a furious assault with the help of Ninja Master Gordon. Together, these two men lay waste to Jing’s army in a shattering battle to secure their honor and rescue the town from the clutches of a greedy and oppressive tyrant.

The original film into which the ninja segments have been spliced is intrinsically a love story surrounded by violence. It is admittedly rather poignant in it’s message that love transcends physical beauty as demonstrated in this instance, when the two lovers in the film both become disfigured in different ways. However, the story does tend to meander and certainly drags rather badly.

Directed by Joseph Lai and Godfrey Ho
Starring: Richard Harrison, Donald Linke, Frederick Sneibjerg

The most important weapon in the ninja’s arsenal – a pink frisbee!


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