The Iron Man (1974)

Country: Taiwan
Genre: Martial Arts

Chang Il-Ho

Chang Il-Ho

Action Director
Leung Siu-Chung (1)

Yeung Jo-Gwong

Jimmy Wang Yu … Chin
Lung Fei … Fang Woo
Cheung Lee-Man … Hanako
Sit Hon … Hanako’s brother
Chow Chung-Lim
Han Chiang (1) … Reading girlie mag
Yu Chung-Chiu
Tsai Hung … Fang
Wong Fei (2)
Mang Yuen
Kon Tak-Mun
Tung Fong Mei-Fung
Kam Ting-Hsun
Yun Il-Bong
Blacky Ko Sau-Leung … Thug
Lee Keung (1) … Thug
Cheung Yee-Kwai … [Extra]
Cheung Chung-Kwai (1) … [Extra]
Kei Ho-Chiu … [Extra]
Hung Ji-Yue … Thug
Keung Hon
Yip Fei-Yang … Thug
Gam Man-Hei … Thug
Poon Cheung-Ming … [Extra]
Lee Ka-Ting … [Extra]
Lung Fong … [Extra]
Sham Chin-Bo … [Extra]
Lee Fat-Yuen … [Extra]
Yeung Sai-Gwan … [Extra]
Wong Wing-Sang … [Extra]
Ma Chin-Ku … [Extra]
Hung Kin-Wing … [Extra]
Ho Wai-Hung … [Extra]

Production Companies
Ronghua Film Company
Lee Ming Film Co.

Chen Yu-Pu

Production Manager
Peng Shih-Wei

Sound Recordist
Kwong Wu

Yeung Pak-Wing

Script Supervisor
Sung Choi-To

Seung Wan-Kong

Costume Designer
Chan Sam-Mui

Assistant Director
Seung-Kun Wing-Chung

Chow Leung (2)


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