The Invincible (1972)

Country: Taiwan
Genre: Martial Arts

Lo Chen

Gwok Ga

Action Director
Hsieh Hsing (1)

Jimmy Wang Yu … Li Mu Pai
Paul Chang Chung … Wan Yen Liang
Helen Ma Hoi-Lun … Chang Ching
Ma Kei (1) … Li’s loyal friend
Cho Kin (1)
Sit Hon … Yeh Yu Lian
Kwan Ngai … Li’s mother
Yuen Sam (1) … Commander Yu
O Yau-Man … Captain of the Guard
Chai No
Chang I-Fei
Chi Fu-Chiang
Wong Wing-Sang
Hsieh Hsing (1)
Shan Mao … Iron Fist
Lung Fei
Lan Yun
Gam Man-Hei
Yeung Lit
Ho Wai-Hung
Tsang Ming-Cheong
Bai Ling-Ling
Wong Kwok-Fai (1)
Cheung Yee-Kwai … [Extra]
Chan San-Yat … [Extra]
Hau Pak-Wai … [Extra]
Lee Keung (1) … [Extra]
Kwan Hung … [Extra]

Production Company
Huatai Film Company

Lam Chan-Ting

Wang Fu-Ling


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