The Hero (1972)

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Alias: Rage of the Master
Alias: The Destroyer
Alias: Rage of the Tiger
Alias: Wang Yu – The Destroyer
Alias: Rage of the Masters
Alias: The Killer Boxer
Country: Taiwan
Language: Mandarin

Wong Hung-Cheung

Ni Kuang

Action Director
Kwan Hung

Yeung Gat-Aau

Jimmy Wang Yu … Tiger Wong
Lisa Chiao Chiao … Miss Fang Yun Ku
Li Yi-Min … Fang Li
Han Chiang (1) … Master Fang
Tin Yau … Nai Mi
Shan Mao … Thai boxer
Yue Hang … Eagle Chang
Sit Hon … Casino boss
Hong Hoi (2) … Chow Chang
Cho Kin (1) … Chow Chang’s father
Cheung Bing-Yuk … Tiger Wong’s mother
Cheng Fu-Hung … 3rd kung fu challenger
Hon Siu … Gambler
Su Chen-Ping … Thai boxer
Lung Fei … Thai boxer
Law Bun … Thai Boxer
Lau Cheung-Ming … Casino thug
Wong Hoi (3) … Casino thug
Kwan Hung … Casino thug
Chan San-Yat … Casino thug
Hau Pak-Wai … Casino thug
Ng Tung-Kiu … Casino thug
Cheung Siu-Gwan (1) … Street performer
Liu Chu … Referee
Au Lap-Bo … Dice dealer
Hung Lau
Chan Sam-Lam … extra
Ho Wai-Hung … extra
Wong Wing-Sang … extra
Cheung Yee-Kwai … extra
Gam Man-Hei … extra

Production Company
Hai Hua Cinema Co.

Liao Wan-Wen

Production Manager
Wong Mung

Sung Ming

Costume Designer
Lui Nang-Bo

Yeung Tin (1)

Cheung Hau-Leung

Assistant Director
Sung Ting-Mei

Hair Stylist
Chin Suk-Chan

Assistant Action Director
Ng Tung-Kiu

Chow Leung (2)


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