The Fast Fists (1972)

Alias: The Fastest Fists
Alias : 王羽大盜
Country: Taiwan
Language: Mandarin
Genre: Martial Arts

Ting Shan-Hsi

Ting Shan-Hsi

Action Directors
Shan Mao
Wong Wing-Sang

Lai Kuo-Tsoi

Jimmy Wang Yu … Hong Ching Pau/Red Lantern
Gwok Siu-Chong … Madam Yu Pi Chu
Paul Chang Chung … Captain Fang Shin Yi
Tin Yau … Master Chang
Yee Yuen … Captain Chang
Tsui Fu-Sheng … Commander Lu
Ngai So … Mister Yu
Hon Siu … Mr. Chu
Sit Hon … Hong Ching Pau’s uncle
Lung Fei … Master Hu
Shan Mao … Master Hu’s brother
Cheng Fu-Hung … Commander Lu’s assistant
Man Man (2) … Master Chang’s man
Cho Boot-Lam … Master Hu’s man
Yeung Fui-Yuk … Noodleshop owner
Chui Lap (3) … Torturer
Au Lap-Bo … Red Lantern’s man
Wong Wing-Sang … Red Lantern’s man
Hau Pak-Wai … Red Lantern’s man
Yip Fei-Yang … Red Lantern’s man
Ma Chin-Ku … Red Lantern’s man
Cheung Chung-Kwai (1) … Red Lantern’s man/soldier
Lee Keung (1) … Master Hu’s man
Hung Ji-Yue
Chang I-Fei … Master Hu’s man
Wong Yu (2) … Master Hu’s man
Tsang Ming-Cheong … Soldier
Gam Man-Hei … extra
Blacky Ko Sau-Leung … extra
Chow Chi-Kei

Lin Wen-Chin

Production Manager
Yang Shiow-Shan

Art Director
Yung Man-Wai

Yeung Pak-Wing

Yang Ching-Fung

Assistant Director
Lee Tso-Nam

Chow Leung (2)


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