Sleeping Fist

STORY PLOT: Plainclothes policeman Kam Tai-fat (Bryan Leung) discovers the crimes committed by Cho Tin-pa (Eddy Ko) and plans to report it to the capitol.

When Cho discovers this, he sends a group of thugs to hunt Kam down. One day, Kam was severely beaten by Kam’s thug and there, he meets Kid (Wong Yat-lung), a street urchin who rescues him is and takes him to his master Old Fox (Yuen Siu-tien).

One day, Kid was injured in a fight with local bullies. Seeing this, Fox decides to teach Kam and Kid the martial arts style of Sleeping Fist. Fox, Kam and Kid then sets foot to Shang Wei martial arts school to teach a lesson to the bullies who injured Kid earlier.

The trio easily defeat them. Feeling humiliated, Shang Wei school hires Cho, a master of Eagle Claw, to seek revenge.


Kung Fu Lovers | Sleeping Fist


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