Ninja in Action (1987)

Ninja In Action opens with some ninjas robbing a suitcase full of diamonds off some rich dude. Their technique is impressive. He’s handcuffed to the suitcase so they just lop his hand off and run away, severed hand dangling merrily from their case full of diamonds. Once they return to the lair of their evil leader Mr X (played by perennial evil ninja leader, Louis Roth), he insists that “Alan” pours the wine for everyone. Unfortunately, the wine’s been poisoned and only Alan (who finds suspicious powder around the bottle) realises this. The other ninjas drink it and die horribly before Mr X’s eyes but, since he’s so busy laughing diabolically, he misses out on the fact that Alan runs away with the diamonds.

All the Caucasian actors hired for these gonzoid, opportunist works have absolutely no visible acting prowess or discernible charisma, which is why I find them so addictive; and it must be noted that Stuart Smith is unequivocally the ultimate no-talent performer and his understated martial arts technique is truly something to behold!

Director: Godfrey Ho (as Tommy Cheung)
Stars: Stuart Smith, Louis Roth, Christine O’Hara


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