Ninja Fantasy (1986)

Thomas Tang unleashes yet another assault on human sanity with this Z-grade, cut and splice ninja crap-fest featuring drug dealing ninja, CIA operatives and a completely non related story from Thailand! If you’ve ever had the pleasure (ahem) of watching these movies before then you’ll know exactly what to expect here…..yes indeed, atrocious acting (just check out the ‘actress’ playing Peggy in this….she’s actually clearly laughing during the torture scene!!!), abysmal dubbing/voice over work (I mean where in the hell do the makers find the voice over artists? And does ANYONE really speak like that?!?!) and enough daft plot contrivances to fill an average Australian soap opera for a whole year!

Also Known As (AKA) Empire of the Ninjas (West Germany)

Director: Godfrey Ho (as Bruce Lambert)
Stars: Ken Ashley, Robert Brown, John Fleming


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