Ninja Condors (1987)

A young boy (Alexander Lou) called Brian witnesses his father being killed in a very violent manner, and then a black cop called Tyler saves him from getting the same fate. Then, many years later Brian has joined an evil Ninja-assassin squad lead by Lucifer (He is evil, in case you couldn’t tell, but with that name, how can he not be evil?) – Lucifer tells Brian to kill Tyler or they will slice his pregnant wife’s belly in pieces with a chainsaw. I won’t spoil what then happens, but it’s has hilarious results. Then later, he gets kicked out of the ninja-assassin squad, and he meets another black man called Eddie, who starts a fight with a bunch of ‘Honkeys’ and persuades Brian to become his friend. When ninjas attack Brian, he helps him out, and they become buddies. They escape many attempts on their lives, and they eliminate at least a dozen white ninjas. They keep fighting ninjas non-stop until the ending climax where they finally raid Lucifer’s evil mansion, again with hilarious results.

Director: Kuo-Ren Wu (as James Wu)
Writer: Godfrey Ho
Stars: Alexander Rei Lo, Stuart Hugh, Timothy Johnson


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