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After being framed, a cowboy is sent to jail.
After his time is served, he leaves with vengeance in his heart.
Soon he meets a young Native American woman and together they go to settle their score with a small town and its corrupt leader.
Caan plays an ex-prisoner who seeks revenge on fat cat town boss Ray. He comes across Indian Powers, who’s been victimized herself by Ray and his town full of deplorable, violent, whiskey-sodden cowboys. Together, they attempt to wreak havoc on the town through any means available to them. Meanwhile, Ray and his gaggle of men (and women) continuously drink, fornicate and generally raise hell while expert gunslinger Davis plays pool. Ray’s main squeeze is Werle, whose brother Walker is the figurehead sheriff of the town. Very little is made clear for the viewer, perhaps due to budget constraints or problems in production or maybe just plain terrible direction and scripting. That said, there is the seed of an entertainingly tongue-in-cheek tale buried in the mire. Caan is appealing and easy-going. He has a couple of amusing comic bits such as when he accidentally blows out both a match and the lantern he’s just lit. He also has a very nice rapport with the far more enthusiastic Powers. His laconic style works well with her manic one. Powers is surprisingly adept in this unlikeliest of roles. She seems more Spanish than Indian in her speech, but gives a game attempt at physical comedy. She does tend to overact, but in a film this terrible, any positive energy is welcome. Ray basically laughs heartily and bellows every line. He is shown bathing, cavorting and growling with little purpose. Davis seems at times to be in a whole different movie. His only real contribution is the display of a remarkably fast quick draw in one of the action scenes. Werle is part of one of the truly funny moments of the film in which she and another tramp brawl (and brawl) all over the place, far outdoing the girl scouts in “Airplane!”, and beat each other senseless as they throw each other down steps and through windows and even out into the street! Walker may as well have not shown up at all, so tiny and insignificant is his role. There’s a lengthy wrestling match between two burly henchmen and a series of funerals in which a cowboy sings reverently as the attendees wait for the song to finish so they can resume their reveries. The film has a notable number of dogs present, for whatever reason. One, in particular, seems very happy to be making his film debut on the bar during the wrestling match. “Hill St. Blues” fans will note the brief presence of Conrad near the beginning as a friendly blacksmith. The film is awful. It’s horribly handled in virtually every department (including the hideous music), yet for the patient viewer, a couple of tiny nuggets of entertainment, even if they’re unintentional, can be located.
Gone with the West (1975) – Full Length Western Films
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