American Commando Ninja (1988)

The Russian mafia and Chinese extremist group fight it out over a Japanese WWII scientist’s secret formula in this crazy kung fu movie produced by the infamous Joseph Lai.

There are some amazing 80’s fashions on display, mainly Larry’s shorts…but he’s outdone in the shorts department by Becky’s Confederate flag shorts! Presumably other countries get America’s hand-me-downs and they don’t know the symbolism involved. Either that or Becky fought for the south. Because it was shot on video, it has that Razor Sharpe (1998)-style vibe of “anyone could do it”. But could anyone do THIS? Just look at the “my first editing machine” transitions between scenes. But the Master has magical Ninjitsu powers which have to be seen to be believed, there are some classic “underground ninjas”, the prerequisite “final ninja brawl”, and there’s more slow motion than Hard Target (1993).

Directed by Lo Gio
Stars: Martin Chan, Man Fei and Daniel Garfield

Produced by Adda Audio Visual Ltd.

Also known as Silent Killers (USA – alternative title) and Das Todesschwert der Ninja (West Germany – video title)


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