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The Return of Superfly (1990)

The Return of Superfly (1990)

Superfly is Back and Better Than Ever

**The Return of Superfly** is a must-see movie for fans of the blaxploitation genre. **Samuel L. Jackson** stars as the titular character, a stylish drug lord who returns to Harlem after a decade in hiding. The film is packed with action, humor, and some of the most outrageous fashion choices you’ve ever seen.

Jackson delivers a super-fly performance as Superfly, oozing charisma and coolness in every scene. From his flashy outfits to his smooth-talking dialogue, he embodies the classic blaxploitation hero. But what sets this movie apart from others in the genre is its sense of humor.

**The Return of Superfly** is filled with hilarious moments that poke fun at the cliches of *blaxploitation* films. From the over-the-top fight scenes to the absurd plot twists, the movie never takes itself too seriously. Even the soundtrack is a mix of funky grooves and cheesy ballads that will have you laughing out loud.

But don’t let the humor fool you. **The Return of Superfly** still delivers plenty of action and suspense. The final showdown between Superfly and his rivals is a thrilling climax that will have you on the edge of your seat.

Overall, **The Return of Superfly** is a blast from the past that is sure to entertain. Whether you’re a fan of blaxploitation films or just looking for a fun and funny movie to watch, this one is definitely worth checking out. So grab some popcorn and get ready to groove to the funky beats of Superfly!

Directed by: Sig Shore
Starring: Samuel L. Jackson, Nathan Purdee, Margaret Avery, Leonard L. Thomas
Music by: Curtis Mayfield, Ice-T, Dr. Dre, Tone Loc, Easy-E