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Kung Fury (2015)


When work interferes with life, it can result in employees getting burned out and decreases base morale in the office.

Manos: The Hands of Fate (1966) – Horror movie


Manos: The Hands of Fate (More popularly known as just Manos) is a 1966 American horror film written, directed, produced by, and starring Harold P. Warren. It is widely recognized to be one of the worst films ever made. In 1993, the television comedy series Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K), a show based on the […]

COMMAND PERFORMANCE (1931) Neil Hamilton – Una Merkel – Thelma Todd


Poverty Row talkie romantic comedy featuring Neil Hamilton in a dual role and Una Merkel. Directed by Walter Lang, Produced by James Cruze. (3)

Dirty Deeds (2005)


A bunch of high school seniors come together as one brave senior attempts to complete every “dirty deed” as per tradition requests. Some of which include ejaculating into bread, stealing a car and finding the only other grad to complete the deeds. It’s a fun and cool motion picture, truly energizing to watch, yet it […]

850 meters (2013)


A not-so-brave knight is on a quest for Fame and Fortune – legend says rescuing a princess is the way to go. And in those same fairy tales, there’s only one way to slay the dragon that hold the fair lady captive : find the invincible sword. To reach his goal, the knight is ready […]

Bruce Lee in New Guinea (1978)


International film star and kung fu hero Bruce Lee (Bruce Li) is also a part-time anthropologist. Bet you never knew that, huh? He and his buddy Chang Sing (uh, Chan Sing) head for Snake Worship Island where Bruce plans to research the evil Devil Sect, who practice “snake venom kung fu”. Their trek through the […]

:DRYVRS (2015) Season 01 Episode 01


Here’s the first episode of the new comedy web series :DRYVRS. The debut episode guest stars Macaulay Culkin as a driver. The first episode of the comedy series reimagines the loveable tale as a sinister drama, with Macaulay Culkin himself reprising the lead role as an older, damaged version of Kevin – be warned, things are […]

Zombie movie (2005)


The zombie apocalypse is here and three mates are stranded. The trusty Holden is out of gas. With only fast food scraps and a few cigarettes for sustenance, surviving each other may prove harder than facing the undead outside, in New Zealand in 1986. The story follows three New Zealand bogons trapped in a car […]

High Risk (1981)


Four American friends, badly needing money, decide to make a commando-like raid into a South American country and steal $5 million from the hacienda of an American-born drug dealer who lives there. The four Americans then succeed rather easily in stealing the money, but soon run into trouble trying to get back out of the […]

Six Shooter (2004)


A black and bloody Irish comedy about a sad train journey where an older man, whose wife has died that morning, encounters a strange and possibly psychotic young oddball…. The film earned several awards, including the Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film. McDonagh is a brilliant story teller and fully deserves his Tony […]

Return of the Kung Fu Dragon (1976)


A teenage princess learns kung fu so that she can return from exile inside a magic mountain to claim her kingdom from usurpers. On beautiful Phoenix Island, the Golden City is ruled by a kind and benevolant emperor and his three loyal guards who have combined their skills into an unbeatable form of kung-fu. One […]

Assignment Outer Space (1960)


In the 21st century Ray Peterson, reporter for the Interplanetary News, is assigned to write a story aboard a space station. Tension mounts between Peterson and the station commander, who believes he is in the way, but has orders to leave him alone. Errant spaceship Alpha Two enters the solar system and its photon generators […]