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Battle of the Eagles (1979)
Battle of the Eagles (1979) Follows the true adventures of the "Partisan Squadron," the courageous airmen known as the "Knights of the Sky" during WWII in Yugoslavia.
Seven Were Saved (1947)
Seven Were Saved (1947) A plane crash over the Pacific leaves seven survivors stranded in a life raft in this war-time disaster movie. One of the passengers is a captured Japanese official en route to stand trial for war crimes.
Escape From Sobibor (1987)
Escape From Sobibor (1987)) The historical recreation of the escape from the Nazi Death Camp Sobibor, where approximately one-quarter million Jews were executed. Of approximately 600 prisoners who attempted escaped in October 1943, around 300 succeeded. However, nearly all were ultimately recaptured; only about 60 people survived Sobibor.

Casablanca Express (1989)
Casablanca Express (1989) In 1942, a commando, Jason Connery, is assigned to protect Winston Churchill when it is learned that the Nazis are plotting to kidnap him.
Eagle in a Cage (1972)
Eagle in a Cage (1972) War and women were his passions... and no island fortress could cage his lust for power! The year is1815 - A soldier becomes the governor of St. Helena and jailer of Napoleon.
First Strike (1985)
First Strike (1985) A U.S. Navy submarine captain tries to prevent the Soviets from trying to launch World War III.
Fantasy Mission Force (1982)
Fantasy Mission Force (1982) Similar to "The Dirty Dozen" or one of that nature. Japan is trying to take over the world and the generals of the allied forces trying to stop the Japanese have been taken prisoner.
Manila, Open City (1968)
Manila, Open City (1968) Manila has been seized, by Japanese soldiers and its up to the Americans to liberate the helpless people in the city, as well free over two thousand P.O.W.S. Shot entirely on location, this film depicts some of the most violent footage of mock war ever captured on film.
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