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Man-Eater aka Shark (1969)

Man-Eater (1969)

Detour (1945)

Detour (1945) Nightclub pianist hitchhikes to Hollywood on a rainy night to join his lovely girl Sue.

The Lazarus Syndrome (1978)

The Lazarus Syndrome (1978) An adulterous newspaper reporter, who has just experienced a heart attack, pesters a black doctor into investigating the questionable medical practices taking place at the hospital where both are residing..

The Ghost Camera (1933)

The Ghost Camera (1933)Flashbacks tell the stories of the 13 passengers on a bus that crashes.

The Inside Man (1984)

The Inside Man (1984)Based on a real-life incident during the days of the Cold War when a Soviet submarine was spotted in Swedish waters.

Man in the Attic (1953)

Man in the Attic (1953)With Jack the Ripper killing women in the Whitechapel district of London, people are on edge. Enter the mysterious Mr. Slade who arrives at the home of Helen and William Harley looking to rent rooms. Slade is a strange man. He is a respected pathologist and researcher at a major hospital but very much keeps to himself. He also happens to out of the house every time the Ripper strikes. Mrs. Harley becomes convinced that Slade is the Ripper but with tensions mounting across the city, the evidence is anything but clear.

Sinister Hands (1932)

Sinister Hands (1932)During a séance at an elderly millionaire's house, the millionaire is murdered. The detectives investigating the crime discover that everyone who was at the séance had a motive for killing the man.

Convicted (1931)

Convicted (1931)Tony Blair is murdered on a California-bound passenger liner, and a series of events leads to an assumption that Claire Norvelle has committed the killing. Despite the fact that Blair was an obnoxious character, murder is murder and Barbara is accused of the crime. Complications arise when another murder occurs. The startling solution clears Barbara and provides a surprising explanation of the two murders.

Bloody Wednesday (1987)

ImageBased on a real life event in 1984 when a madman J.O. Huberty murdered more than 20 people in a McDonalds in San Diego.

All the Kind Strangers (1974)

All the Kind Strangers (1974)A couple traveling through a backwoods area are held by a a group of orphans who want them to become their parents.
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