Inventive sci-fi creature feature The Day of the Triffids (1962)

Watch The Day of the Triffids (1962)

A meteorite shower lights up the sky and blinds all that watches it. Most of the world population must also deal with some rather weird plant life that can uproot itself and seek human nourishment. Realistic, Atmospheric and Memorable Adaptation of John Wyndham's Novel.

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The Night the World Exploded (1957)

Dr. Conway has perfected a machine which he believes will predict earthquakes, and has determined that one will strike California within 24 hours. Conway is getting readings which indicate a series of additional, pending quakes around the world, which also begin to occur; and more still seem to be on the way.

Directed by Fred F. Sears

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Watch magnificent Sherlock Holmes in colorized version of The Woman in Green (1945)

Sherlock Holmes The Woman in Green (1945)

Sherlock Holmes investigates when young women around London turn up murdered, each with a finger severed off. Scotland Yard suspects a madman, but Holmes believes the killings to be part of a diabolical plot. Have someone mentioned Professor Moriarty?

Directed by Roy William Neill

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Fantastic sci-zombie flick Decay (2012)

Watch Decay (2012)

The LHC Zombie Movie follows a group of students after a malfunction in the world’s biggest particle accelerator. As they try to escape, they are hunted by the remains of a maintenance team, who have become less than human.

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Watch Decay (2012)


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