Brilliant short sci-fi Expo (2012)

Watch Brilliant short sci-fi Expo (2012)

Female astro-miner Shona has been mining under dangerous conditions on the moon for the past two years in order to pay for expensive medical treatments in hopes of save her bed-ridden daughter Darla, and now that her tour is completed, a younger astronaut Paige has come to replace her. Shona is reluctant to return to the world she once knew, but in meeting Paige realizes that returning to Earth isn’t where she’ll find peace - she will have to return home. Directed by Joe Sill

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Movie of the week: Tears of Steel (2012)

Tears of Steel (2012)

Tears of Steel is a live-action/CGI short film by producer Ton Roosendaal and director/writer Ian Hubert. The film was made using new enhancements to the visual effects capabilities of Blender, a free and open source all-in-one 3D computer graphics software package.

The short science fiction film is about a group of warriors and scientists who gather at the “Oude Kerk” in a future Amsterdam to stage a crucial event from the past in a desperate attempt to rescue the world from destructive robots.

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Watch Kim Jee-woon's New Movie ONE PERFECT DAY for Free!

Watch Kim Jee-woon's New Short ONE PERFECT DAY for Free!

Earlier this year, Korean director Kim Jee-woon released his English-language debut, the Schwarzenegger vehicle The Last Stand. Kim's One Perfect Day was recently released on YouTube and is now available to watch for free with English subtitles in the embed below. The film follows a hapless young man who stumbles through a number of terrible blind dates before finding someone who might be his Mrs. Right.

Unsurprisingly, the film looks fantastic and further proves Kim's skills as an effortless genre-hoping filmmaker. He acquits himself very well with this effective and pleasant 35 minute short

Watch Kim Jee-woon's New Film ONE PERFECT DAY for Free!


Great Eurocrime flick With Death on Your Back (1967)

Watch  With Death on Your Back (1967)

A gang of international evil-doers has invented a drug that can be used to provoke completely innocent members of the military into pushing the Big Red Button that would loose the Big One. With Death On Your Back seems to be the director Alfonso Balcázar's only Eurospy film, which is a bit of a disappointment given how entertaining the film is.

Watch With Death on Your Back (1967)


Fantastic adventure with pirates in The Light at the Edge of the World (1971)

Watch  Light at the Edge of the World (1971)

This is an adventure film based on a Jules Verne's novel about a pirate captain and his crew that take over a small island with a lighthouse on it; the idea is to turn out the light at night when ships are at sight so that they crash against the rocks and the pirates can easily steal everything from the passengers and the wrecked vessel. With Kirk Douglas and Yul Brynner

Watch Light at the Edge of the World (1971)


Ernest Hemmingway's The Killers, Italian style in The Insatiables (1969)

Watch The Insatiables (1969)

Watching this fun thriller makes it all the more puzzling how the same director could make 1972's "Scenes From a Murder", aka "The Final Curtain", with Telly Savalas and Anne Heywood, which is so mind-numbingly boring and bland it is hard to stay awake through to the end; the opposite is true of "The Insatiables" -- you won't want it to end.

Bruno Nicolai's score is a major asset to the success of the film, bouncy, sugary, yet thriving and pulsating at the appropriate moments. The female cast is as eye-catching as the score is ear-catching.

Watch The Insatiables (1969)


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