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Sad Robot is lonely in Post-Apocalyptic Paris - L3.0 (2014)

Watch L3.0 (2014)

Leo may be the only robot in Paris—which is doubly sad since nearly all of the creatures in the city have vanished. All this lonely robot wants is for someone to play with—but he doesn't seem to have much luck. This animated short was created by a group of students at ISART Digital.

Watch amazing short film L3.0 (2014)

It’s Payback Time (2014)

Watch It’s Payback Time (2014)

The cells live in a world of endless construction reflecting the ability of the disease to spread aggressively and relentlessly. The film pays homage to disaster movies but with a flip - here the world that’s caught in the grip of a lethal outbreak belongs to cancer, and it’s humans that are causing the chaos: Payback Time for cancer! Amazing animated short made for Channel 4.

Watch It’s Payback Time (2014)

A modern day fairytale THE COLLECTOR'S GIFT (2013)

Watch modern day fairytale THE COLLECTOR'S GIFT (2013)

A young girl rifling through an old man's collection of tinctures discovers the key to creating a new world in this modern day fairytale. The Collector’s Gift was created by Ryan Kravetz as his Master’s Thesis at USC. It has been included in over 25 festivals and screenings around the world.


Watch The Award Winning Film 1982

Watch  Watch The Award Winning Film 1982 (2013)

Watch Jeremy Breslau's award winning short film 1982 about a blocked novelist who reflects on a pivotal year in his life, when, as a precocious six-year-old, he struggled for the attention of his bickering parents. Having wrapped a highly successful festival run Breslau's film has been released in its entirety online - where it is now a Vimeo staff pick - and it's not at all hard to see why it picked up so many accolades.

Watch The Award Winning Film 1982 (2013)

The psychedelic 3D short WHOLE (2014)

Watch  The psychedelic 3D short WHOLE (2014)

WHOLE tells the story of a broken hearted girl named Mira left with a hole in her belly, on a metaphoric journey to recover her inner self. We made extensive use of new Cycles features, including subsurface scattering and volumetrics. The film is also stereoscopic, using 3D glasses to create a hypnotic trance sequence!” – William Reynish, Whole Director!

Watch WHOLE (2014) (via Shortoftheweek)

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