Bruce Lee vs Gay Power (1975)

Category : Kung fu
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Local villagers are brutally harased by a band of gay pirates. Trespasser and a martial arts expert trained by Eastern kung fu master decides to help poor peasants teaming with a kickboxing lady.

It’s hard to name this rare gem as a true piece of Bruceploitation, as Brazil was not known as a fertile soil of Bruce Lee exploitation production. It wouldn't hurt if there would be less scenes with people talking and more of epic fightining.

Original title of this rare gem is Kung Fu Contra as Bonecas (1975) and in doesn't have any connection with the Bruce Lee and the main hero is not even Asian, as its so typical of Brazilian fake Bruce Lee exploitation.

Directed by: Adriano Stuart. Starring Dionísio Azevedo, Maurício do Valle, Nadir Fernandes.
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