He Took His Skin Off For Me (2014)
Category: Drama

The story of a man who takes his skin off for his girlfriend, and why it probably wasn't the best idea...

Self-Assembly (2014)
Category: Horror

Parents who find a monstrous substitute for their dead son.

The Grey Matter (2012)
Category: Horror

An office stiff wakes up in an alley mysteriously covered in blood. In the aftermath, he attracts the attention of his beautiful coworker, granting him a new lease on life …but something strange is afoot.

Click (2010)
Category: Horror

William Prince’s horror film "Click" was a finalist in Popcorn Horror’s Blood Games competition

Cargo (2013
Category: Horror

Zombie Romeroesque film in which the acting, concept, directing, script, special effects are all top notch.

Behold the Noose (2014)
Category: Horror

Shot in just 24 hours on the Blackmagic 4k Production Camera by Jamie Brooks, director "not crazy into the horror genre"

Grave Shivers (2014)
Category: Horror

Three tales of monsters, killers, and things that go bump in the night.

The Last Halloween (2013)
Category: Horror

Scary blend of gothic, medieval and modern horror!

Category: Horror

A stop motion animated short film directed By Sam Barnett.

Category: Horror

The film is a Fairytale/Parable about the child sex trafficking epidemic that has overrun the city of Atlanta.

The Last Time I Saw Richard (2014)
Category: Science fiction

This film has an incredibly visceral quality that normally either comes from great skill or your own heart! - Tess Connellan, The Scribblings Of A Cinephile

Morbius: The Living Vampire (2014)
Category: Science fiction

A world-renowned bio-chemist is afflicted with a curse of the blood-sucking night-beast!

R'ha (2013)
Category: Science fiction

Jaw dropping short sci-fi by 22-Year-Old director gets Hollywood's attention!

The Backwater Gospel (2011)
Category: Western

The town of Backwater is a small, isolated community in the Dust Bowl of depression era America. Old Testamental Christianity celebrates the fear of the Lord and the damnation and destruction of sinners.

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