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Born of Hope: The Ring of Barahir (2009)

Born of Hope: The Ring of Barahir (2009)Great film by devoted fans tells the story of events before LOTR saga. Director spent all her life savings on this project and with more than 400 devoted extras did an excellent job and one of the best fan films ever made.

Scarlet's Witch (2009)

Scarlet's Witch (2009)A tale about a young Scarlet, a lonely girl, with no friends until she finds one in the woods.

The Legend of David (2009)

The Legend of David (2009) It's a grim story of despair that plays out to its finale with a sense of ironic satisfaction that justice is ultimately served.

The Hunt For Gollum (2009)

The Hunt For Gollum (2009) Excellent not for profit Lord of the Rings fanfilm done by true enthusiast filmmakers.

The Magic Sword (1962)

The Magic Sword (1962)The Magic Sword very loosely based on the 'St. George And The Dragon' legend, has a princess (Anne Helm) kidnapped by evil sorcerer Lodac (Basil Rathbone)

The Formorian (2007)

The Formorian (2007)A warrior comes across a mythical humanoid demonic creature in the wood

The Silver Surfer (1994)

The Silver Surfer (1994)A short film made in 1994. Marvel supported this movie for USC School of Cinema.

David and Goliath (1960)

David and Goliath (1960)The story of the film is adapted from the Bible - Old Testament.

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