Escape From Sobibor (1987)

Category : Drama
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Based on a true story of carefully plotted escape from notorious Nazi concentration camp where almost 250.000 Jews were brutally murdered. Almost half of 650 prisoners planned escape and more than a half died in this brave attempt. On the other hand, from almost 300.000 prisoners of war, only 65 survived horrific life in this Nazi prison. ALthough made for UK television, this movie authentically portrays brave and courageous people who tried to escape the jaws of death. Based upon book/memoirs by Richard Rashke, film gathers great cast with Rutger Hauer (Golden Globe Award winner), Joanna Pacula and Alan Arkin and was directed by Jack Gold. Movie was filmed at Yugoslavian studio Avala, and one of the camp survivors was technical advisor. Directed by Jack Gold. With Alan Arkin, Joanna Pacula, Rutger Hauer, Hartmut Becker.

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