The Unholy Four (1970)

Category : Western
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The Unholy Four (1970) - E.B. Clucher is the pseudonym of Enzio Carboni. He is the director responsible for the Trinity westerns featuring Terence Hill. This spaghetti western is a notch above most of the Italian run of the mill flicks. It has a decent plot that does away with the pitfalls of most ordinary revenge westerns. The characters that befriend Ciakmull are a bunch of escaped looneys and their antics heighten the entertainment value a lot. The silly duel myth is kept alive here but when the bullets start flying the spectators are treated to spectacular and inspired camerawork. In genre films it is always nice to be treated to a familiar face to give the product some, often much needed, touch of class. In this film that honor lies with John Ford regular Woody Strode. This excellent athlete turned actor plays a simple but loyal and brave buddy to the bewildered hero. One cannot say there is one single original idea in this spaghetti gunfest, but when served up hot and spicy like this it's sheer pleasure to watch.
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