Space Chase (1990)

Category : Science-fiction
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Space hero and bounty hunter Ryan Chase (Yes, that it his name and that is where the title came from) and his alien buddy are hired/pressured to rescue a brilliant (Well according to the script) scientist and eventually his daughter from the evil Dr. Chrome (Yes, that is the villains name even though it sounds like the name of a panel-beating business more than that of a supervillain) who is blackmailing him into providing a limitless energy source for his robot servants who are called drones (I think they're meant to be robots- they're basically these dudes in black armour but you can see their fleshy necks all the time). Basically it is lame replication of the Death Star rescue and battle segments of Star Wars. This is definitely one of those so bad its good movie. Director: Nick Kimaz, Stars: Gary Bergman, Bryan Clark and Michael Gaglio
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