Chinese Hercules (1973)

Category : Kung fu
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Cruel owner of the dock dislike new worker, former martial arts champion haunted by dark and shady past.

Since this old kung-fu flick features China's answer to Arnold, the formidable Bolo Yeung, one can only assume the title refers to him. The reason this is a bit peculiar is because Bolo is a bad guy heavy who only has about 20 or 25 minutes of screen time. Still, he made his presence known; there's nothing quite like watching multiple Chinamen who weigh 115 pounds dripping wet take on the mighty pecs that are Bolo! Yeah, surprisingly, Chinese Hercules wasn't that bad of a fight flick at all, decent plot and everything. Also stars the chubby punk who "scolded" Bruce Lee for not wearing his uniform in Enter The Dragon

Directed by Ta Huang.
Starring Corey Yuen, Bolo Yeung, Fan Chiang.
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