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Relaxation aka La Détente (2011) - Beaut…

27-11-2014 War

Relaxation aka La Détente (2011) - Beautiful anti-war film where wars are fought by toys

A unique and visually stunning film was created in Paris with technical support from KAWA ANIMATION, sound design by "Face B", and original music by friend and composer, Patrick Stemelen.

The Grey Matter (2012) - Dark Romance Co…

18-12-2014 Horror

The Grey Matter (2012) - Dark Romance Comedy Horror

An office stiff wakes up in an alley mysteriously covered in blood. In the aftermath, he attracts the attention of his beautiful coworker, granting him a new lease on life...

The Backwater Gospel (2011) - Fantastic …

10-11-2014 Western

The Backwater Gospel (2011) - Fantastic and unforgettable film

The town of Backwater is a small, isolated community in the Dust Bowl of depression era America. Old Testamental Christianity celebrates the fear of the Lord and the damnation and...

Ambition (2014) - future humans control …

26-10-2014 Science fiction

Ambition (2014) - future humans control matter using science

Contemporary space exploration is crucial to searching for clues to our own origins.

The Fox Of Bloody Women Island (2014) - …

12-12-2014 Documentary

The Fox Of Bloody Women Island (2014) - Happiness in Norway's northern Arctic

How does one find happiness throughout a winter when the sun barely makes an appearance?

Shadow Of Mordor (2014) - Fantastic Fan-…

17-11-2014 Fantasy

Shadow Of Mordor (2014) - Fantastic Fan-Made Live Action LOTR film

Fantasy film released to promote the Lord of the Rings spin-off video game Shadows of Mordor!

Wish 143 (2009) - An Oscar Nominated Sho…

10-11-2014 Drama

Wish 143 (2009) - An Oscar Nominated Short Film

a young man is desperate to come of age before time runs out.

The Magic Capital of the World (2014) - …

06-12-2014 Documentary

The Magic Capital of the World (2014) - Magic is to Colon what fog is to San Francisco

Magicians from all over the world gather once a year in Colon, Michigan, also known as "the magic capital of the world.

Proximity (2013) - People in a brutal ga…

04-11-2014 Action

Proximity (2013) - People in a brutal game of cat and mouse

Great concept, brilliantly executed, and great cast!

Wanderers (2014) - Amazing vision of the…

30-11-2014 Animation

Wanderers (2014) - Amazing vision of the future

A glimpse of the fantastic and beautiful nature that surrounds us on our neighboring worlds.

The Streets of Japan (2014) - Neo-Tokyo …

07-11-2014 Documentary

The Streets of Japan (2014) - Neo-Tokyo is a wild and exotic playground

The second of the HERO4: The Adventure of Life in 4K series follows Tokyo life as the sun goes down!

Renegade (2014) - Insane Pulp Film About…

05-11-2014 Adventure

Renegade (2014) - Insane Pulp Film About A Boxer

Bizarre and Hillarious Action Adventure Film!

Singular (2014) - Intelligent sci-fi fil…

16-11-2014 Science fiction

Singular (2014) - Intelligent sci-fi film with reversed superhero logic

Andy is a special kid. He's the only one who doesn't have any superpowers in America.

Electroshock (2011) - Amusing with enga…

28-10-2014 Animation

Electroshock (2011) -  Amusing with engaging humour

Professional looking student film made by ESMA students.

Sync (2012) - Web series about the threa…

17-11-2014 Series (Web & TV)

Sync (2012) - Web series about the threat of machine self-awareness

In the year 2025, mankind has created the first computerized human, and he is a bad ass. With hyper-intelligent computers comes the threat of machine self-awareness. Transfer the consciousness to...

Watch Dogs (2014) - fantastic dives, fli…

03-10-2014 Action

Watch Dogs (2014) - fantastic dives, flips, and somersaults

The short film features Chris Romrell and Robert Bennett performing parkour/freerunning maneuvers.

The Flying Man (2013) - Vigilante superh…

17-11-2014 Science fiction

The Flying Man (2013) - Vigilante superhero from the perspective of the criminals

A new superhero is coming, only this time it's on his terms. Will he still be considered a hero? Amazing film exploration of a Vigilante Man idea

Project Arbiter (2014) - World War II S…

15-11-2014 War

Project Arbiter (2014) -  World War II Sci-Fi

A soldier with a mechanical suit must defeat Nazis before they spread a virus. Retro-futurism with a slew of steampunk

Mac'n'Cheese (2011) - Amazing film inspi…

04-11-2014 Animation

Mac'n'Cheese (2011) - Amazing film inspired by Team Fortress 2 and Meet Buck.

Outrun your opponent through the southern desert.

Six Shooter (2004) - Funny Irish black c…

10-11-2014 Comedy

Six Shooter (2004) - Funny Irish black comedy

Fantastic acting, superb casting and a fabulously brilliant and disturbing story. The film earned several awards, including the Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film

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Alone (2013) - Award Winning Post-Apocal…

19-12-2014 Drama

Alone (2013) - Award Winning Post-Apocalyptic Film

An inside look on what the only man left alive does on a day-to-day basis!

The Splinter Cell (2014) - Fanfilm that …

09-12-2014 Action

The Splinter Cell (2014) - Fanfilm that really feels  like the video-game

Official Splinter Cell movie is apparently coming out next year, but fans did their job earlier.

8 (2010) - Touching and funny war drama

10-11-2014 War

8 (2010) - Touching and funny war drama

When an enemy fighter pilot is shot down behind enemy lines he is captured by a soldier and transported through the snowy woodland.

Artificial Paradise, Inc. (2010) - Major…

19-11-2014 Animation

Artificial Paradise, Inc. (2010) - Major corporation owns the memory of humankind

Software holds all the lost memories of humankind.

Sort (No Man's Land) (2014) - Wonderfull…

10-11-2014 War

Sort (No Man's Land) (2014) - Wonderfully unusual animated film

The National Film School of Denmark presents Sort (No Mans Land), an animated short movie about war, using an unusual rendering proces.

The Gate (2011) - A cool, daring and ori…

17-11-2014 Science fiction

The Gate (2011) - A cool, daring and original mutant film

Our own DNA is a mysterious, messed-up jungle of unused genes that are waiting to mutate and strike.

Batman: Dead End (2003) - The truest inc…

14-10-2014 Science fiction

Batman: Dead End (2003) - The truest incarnation of The Dark Knight.

As it turns out, Joker is not the only evil enemy Batman has to conquer.

Market Hours (2014) - Meet security guar…

29-11-2014 Comedy

Market Hours (2014) - Meet security guard with a gentle manner and poetic imagination

Many different stories can co-exist in a place like grand central market, it’s not only an interesting place, it’s an interesting time for that place.

Junkyard (2013) - Dutch entry for the Ac…

26-10-2014 Animation

Junkyard (2013) - Dutch entry for the Academy Awards in 2013

2d & 3d animation techniques layered over oil-painted backgrounds.

Codehunters (2007) - Astonishing capsule…

31-10-2014 Animation

Codehunters (2007) - Astonishing capsule anime film

An impressive work of computer art!

The Gunfighter (2014) - Comically brilli…

10-11-2014 Western

The Gunfighter (2014) - Comically brilliant western film

Funny and really well made film with excellent narration by Ron Swanson. A finalist for the top prize at TheWrap's third annual 2014 ShortList Film Festival.

Wes Anderson: A Mini Documentary (2013) …

17-11-2014 Documentary

Wes Anderson: A Mini Documentary (2013) -  Wes himself would adore this

Blender open movie project comparable with the best short-movies Pixar has made!

850 meters (2010) - Knight's Epic fail

24-10-2014 Animation

850 meters (2010) - Knight's Epic fail

The hell a man can go through while breaking up with his girlfriend.

Iron Man vs Bruce Lee (2009) - The Clash…

14-10-2014 Action

Iron Man vs Bruce Lee (2009) - The Clash of The Titans in Stop-motion

What if Bruce Lee said something not funny to Iron Man. What if Iron Man called Bruce Lee a chicken?

World War (2008) - Fast and furious robo…

27-12-2014 Animation

World War (2008) - Fast and furious robot awesomeness

The story of a future war between 2 transformed robots

Runaway (2013) - a sci-fi film by gradua…

13-11-2014 Science fiction

Runaway (2013) - a sci-fi film by graduates of ArtFX

In a post-apocaliptic wolrd similiar to wasteland of Mad Max, gasoline attracts many strangers and visitors.

Lazy Teenage Superheroes (2010) - Awesom…

16-10-2014 Science fiction

Lazy Teenage Superheroes (2010) - Awesome $300 superhero epic

Ty tries to get his new "super" friends to put down the video games and use their powers to help save the world.

Envoy (2014) - Iron Giant meets E.T. and…

10-11-2014 Science fiction

Envoy (2014) - Iron Giant meets E.T. and Predator

Science fiction, action adventure, short film to be used as a proof of concept for a larger full-length motion picture,

The Collector's Gift (2013) - Animated M…

22-10-2014 Animation

The Collector's Gift (2013) - Animated Modern Day Fairytale

A regional finalist for the 2013 Student Academy Awards.

Envelope (2012) - A thought provoking fi…

20-11-2014 Drama

Envelope (2012) - A thought provoking film starring Kevin Spacey

Beautiful film inspired by true events of a stamp collector within Soviet Russia!

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